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Be Your Company’s Spokesperson – Use These 4 Simple Tips! Be Your Company’s Spokesperson – Use These 4 Simple Tips!

Written by Katie Waxman on July 16, 2024

Katie Waxman / July 16, 2024

VendCentral Founder and Spokesperson: Neil Swindale

Is your company’s social media strategy important for your brand? Absolutely.  But your vending company’s brand should have a human face as well, ideally a spokesperson. If you are an owner-operator, your LinkedIn social media account can be a driving force behind your company’s online marketing success.  No one can build trust and relationships better for your company than you! If you are having a hard time getting started, remember these 4 simple tips.

Tip 1: Be Authentic

Your LinkedIn audience wants to see the real you and will connect with your stories.  Share the challenges you are overcoming.  Celebrate the wins (like that new micro-market install!).  Shout out appreciation for long-term employees and express gratitude for loyal customers. Or, explain how something in your personal life is influencing your professional life. No matter what you post, remember your social media platform should always showcase your professionalism and passion for your business.

Royal ReFresh Ryan Harrington Post

Royal ReFresh Ryan Harrington Post

Owner-operator Ryan Harrington shares news of Royal Refresh’s latest micro market install

Tip 2: Show Your Expertise

Whether you are adding insight to industry trends, showing excitement for new products, or displaying curiosity and anticipation for new technology, be sure to weigh in on the topics that matter to your industry and customers. It will all show your audience that you are staying in the know on the latest and greatest breakroom products and services. This will build trust and confidence in you AND your company’s brand.

Tip 3: Engage with your Community

Get on LinkedIn and see what other leaders in your community and industry are doing on their social media platforms.  Contribute through likes and comments.   It will grow the awareness of you and your company.  It will also promote goodwill that will inevitably return to you. Take note of how your audience becomes more engaged with your content through comments, shares, or even direct messages.

Tip 4: Build a Bridge

Finally, build a connection between your personal social media platform and your company’s social media platform.  Do this by commenting on your company’s posts and blogs.  Take it a step further by sharing your company’s social media content on your own personal platform and adding your point of view. As your company’s spokesperson, you should be its biggest cheerleader!  Invite your audience to take action, like following your company’s brand page or reaching out for advice on the latest breakroom products and equipment. This connection is an important part of successful social selling and brand growth.

Corporate Coffee Systems David Henchel Post

Corporate Coffee Systems David Henchel Post

CEO David Henchel applauds the Corporate Coffee Systems tech team

Getting social on LinkedIn can be intimidating.  But, don’t let your worry over making things look perfect prevent you from making it happen. If you create content that showcases your personality and drive to keep your customers happy you can’t go wrong.  Your content will be a perfect enhancement to your company’s social media marketing strategy.

VendCentral specializes in marketing programs with strong social selling strategies for Operators, Manufacturers, and Suppliers in the Refreshment Services Industry.  Contact us for a free consultation.

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LinkedIn Success: Tips for Vending Operators LinkedIn Success: Tips for Vending Operators

Written by Emily on January 31, 2024

Emily / January 31, 2024

LinkedIn is a social media platform designed for the business community. And there are many reasons to use it to grow your vending business. It can help you establish credibility with a wider audience and earn you new customers. It can boost your brand awareness, generating new leads. LinkedIn can also let you showcase your services and locations. As a result, sales will grow at existing locations and new clients will be enticed to reach out.

6 LinkedIn Must-Dos Every Operator Needs to Know

LinkedIn is a popular online tool because of its many benefits. But like any tool, there are ways to wield it for better success. This blog has a roundup of how breakroom service providers can optimize their LinkedIn presence.

1. Clear Profile Image

Your profile image on LinkedIn is vital. It helps clients put a face with your name and can influence their first impression. Select a recent photo that actually looks like you do today. It doesn’t have to be a photo taken by a professional (although that is a bonus). but you should be the only one in the picture. That means no cropping or zooming in on you in a group. Your face should take up at least 60% of the frame and show you dressed as you would for work. Don’t forget to smile and look friendly! You want clients to feel you are approachable.

2. Crafted Background Image

Once you have your profile photo, you will want to consider the background image. This is the large image at the top of your LinkedIn page, right behind your profile picture. Consider carefully what to use here. In a glance, it should help people understand what you do. Perhaps you can show an image of your micro-market or office coffee services. An award you or your business has earned can show dedication and professionalism. Opt for a quote or your company mission statement to reinforce customer service. Make an effort to reinforce your company’s brand. Choose colors and/or an image similar to the look and feel of your other marketing. Above all, choose a clear, high-quality image. That will show you care about your LinkedIn profile, and ultimately, your work too.

3. Thoughtful About Section

After sorting out your images, it’s time to turn to words. The About section is a perfect place to share what you are passionate about. People want to know what makes you get up in the morning and stay focused during the day. It’s the place to highlight your work, not only what you do, but the impact you’ve made on others. This can be in the vending industry as a whole or more locally. Describe your skills and accomplishments, especially what they mean to you.

Sales Growth | Digital Marketing | LinkedIn Connections

4. Growing LinkedIn Community

Being on LinkedIn isn’t the same as using it. You must also build a community. Connect with customers to keep them up to date on your latest news. Reach out to prospects so they can learn about you and what you offer. Connect with local business leaders to strengthen your community ties. Plus, use LinkedIn to connect with employees of your own company. This boosts communication and makes your staff feel more involved.

5. Regularly Posted Content

One of the most intimidating hurdles for most vending operators is what to post on LinkedIn. Don’t overthink it. Show photos of your work, such as installs and grand openings. If your client gives permission, show breakroom before and after shots. Celebrate your employees on your page. Give a shoutout for anniversaries or announce new hires. Another great option to feature is your new products. If you added a popular beverage or the latest healthy snack item to your inventory, showcase it. Clients love seeing you are up on trends and offer fresh products. To show your expertise in breakroom services, share industry news, or offer insights on employment matters related to your business. Even just personal, yet professional responses to local topics and events can have a positive impact.

6. Engaging With Others

Now it’s time to put all the pieces together. You have great, meaningful images and a well thought About section. You have connections and content. Now it’s time to get social. That means leaving supportive comments on posts. You can also join groups and contribute to the conversations those groups are having on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to use LinkedIn messaging to reach out personally to others and start a conversation.

Benefit From an Enhanced LinkedIn Profile

The exposure and connections you can get from LinkedIn are well worth the effort. This is especially true for service businesses, like vending operators. Your business growth is based on forming new partnerships and strengthening existing ones. That’s why you’ll want to review our tips for LinkedIn Success. It will ensure you have the best chance of growing sales and gaining leads.

Need guidance with LinkedIn or marketing services? VendCentral can help. We specialize in digital sales and marketing in the vending space. Reach out to learn how we can help drive your business forward.

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