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Thoughtful Ways to Thank Customers During the Holidays

Written by Renee King on November 4, 2021

Renee King / November 4, 2021

The holiday season is a special time of year for friends and family. It’s also the time to find a way to thank the clients and customers. When you find ways to give a meaningful gift, it makes your investment go even farther. Here are some thoughtful ways to say thank you at this special time of year.

Gift company branded swag

From high-end pens and stationery sets to shirts and jackets, company swag always makes a great gift. This gift rewards your customers, but it also serves as a valuable form of advertising. Another way to say thank you is to choose a quality whitelabel wine, and top it off with your own custom-printed labels. 

Host a luncheon in your client’s breakroom

Save your top clients a trip and host a luncheon onsite at their location. This is a great way to showcase your commissary foods, and have them try new items that will be coming to their micro-market soon.  Your client will appreciate the effort and may just discover a new favorite market item.

Create holiday gift baskets

Gift baskets are a staple for corporate holiday gifts, and a customized basket is even better. The more you know about your customers, the easier it will be to create a truly customized present. Ask your suppliers to provide certain products you know your client loves. You can also include new items coming to your menu in the coming year, or even slow sellers to boost interest.

Extend a party invitation

The holiday season is a time for celebration, so why not let your customers join in on the fun? If you are holding a holiday party, invite your customers to share in the festivities.  If your party is onsite, include a tour of your facility.  Take photos with your clients to share on social media. Prospective customers will love seeing how you engage with your clients, and they may remember this the next time you reach out.

Out-of-office entertainment

Everyone likes some form of entertainment, so why not give your favorite customers an excuse to get out of the office? Tickets to an upcoming event or a gift card for a local theater are great ways to say thank you. Invite them to join you on a golf outing or spa visit. Plus, socializing outside a business setting creates a personal connection, which increases the likelihood of client retention.

Make a charitable donation

If you know your clients well, consider making a charitable donation in their name to a cause they care about.  This is an excellent way to show your client you care about what is important to them, which makes a lasting impression well past the holiday season.


The holidays are the perfect time to thank the ones who helped your business thrive during a challenging year. Whether your business is brand new or well-established, thanking your customers is always appreciated. These holiday gift ideas can help you say thank you in a sophisticated and memorable way during the holiday season.


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