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ZippyAssist Improves Service and Profits for Operators ZippyAssist Improves Service and Profits for Operators

Written by Jen on April 28, 2022

Jen / April 28, 2022

The refreshment services industry is buzzing about ZippyAssist. The powerful but simple-to-use customer service platform is seeing tremendous growth in the marketplace this year and there is good reason for all the excitement. ZippyAssist can be used from any mobile device and it offers speedy support for customers in unattended environments like micro-markets, vending machines, and office coffee locations. Here we dig into the big reasons why ZippyAssist is receiving a warm welcome from operators in the refreshment services industry.

Easy refunds

One of ZippyAssists’ key advantages is how easy it is to issue a refund online through electronic payment systems like Venmo and PayPal. When a customer submits a refund request through their mobile device, a breakroom operator can see and authorize the request right away, with the customer then automatically reimbursed if they choose an online option. Breakroom operators love ZippyAssists’ focus on simplicity and ease-of-use, with the new online refund feature just the latest example of this attention to improving the customer experience. And for customers themselves, having their money refunded without unnecessary hassle and delays is a game-changer.

Reduced Costs

Calls and emails for customer service issues are drastically reduced when customers shift to ZippyAssist. The ZippyAssist dashboard allows multiple members of an operator’s team to see and manage the service requests submitted. Customer service representatives spend less time receiving and forwarding issues for follow-up. Instead, they can focus on other tasks and become more productive.

Increased Business Intelligence

A key feature of the ZippyAssist platform is its reporting capabilities. Breakroom operators are now able to access information and identify trends in the types of customer service requests submitted. If problems arise more frequently on a particular driver’s route or with a particular customer or piece of equipment those issues can be recognized and resolved more quickly.

ZippyAssist | Digital Refunds | VendCentral

Improved sales

Breakroom operators are using ZippyAssist to market themselves above the competition, and they are noticing it instills a higher level of customer confidence from the very start. Operators report that ZippyAssist helps them demonstrate their commitment to superior customer service in a tangible way and allows them close deals with new accounts more quickly. Sales improvements have also been seen with existing customers. Problems are resolved more quickly, missed sales are avoided, and client satisfaction is higher.

For breakroom operators looking to elevate their customer service, save costs, boost sales, and enjoy more productive operations, ZippyAssist is an easy choice. Getting started is simple and the platform can be up and running in a few short weeks. Want to try it out?  Click here for a 14-day free trial. Or schedule a quick demo of ZippyAssist to learn more.

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Online Ordering: Boosting Profits for Breakroom Operators Online Ordering: Boosting Profits for Breakroom Operators

Written by Christine on February 9, 2022

Christine / February 9, 2022

Gone are the days when placing an online order was considered a luxury. It is now an expectation for customers, including those in the refreshment services industry. But, online ordering not only makes it easy for OCS customers to order products where and when it’s convenient for them.  It’s a legitimate way for breakroom operators to increase sales and cut operational costs.

That is why VendCentral recently teamed with Supply Wizards to help our clients add and promote online ordering capabilities. Supply Wizards specializes in the refreshment services industry. Their online ordering system is fast and easy to implement. Plus, it can function independently or seamlessly integrate with your existing vending management system.

Are you a breakroom operator interested in upgrading from taking orders via phone, email, and fax? Want to explore a streamlined, more reliable process? If so, read more to learn the many benefits Supply Wizards can provide.

A personalized experience for your customers

Supply Wizards allows you to customize your online store by individual customer account. Do you have a variety of pricing, payment terms, or product offerings in your contracts?  No problem.  Each customer has their own login to the online ordering platform and a unique experience based on their contract. You can even provide budget tracking in the system for customers who request it.

Increased order sizes

Online ordering not only increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. It can also boost sales by encouraging customers to order more. Supply Wizards builds an intuitive product recommendation feature into their platform. And the power of suggestive selling is real.  Customers often add on recommended items or additional products available to them through the browse feature. Studies have shown that 52% of customers on the Supply Wizards ordering platform use these features.  This means a bigger average order size for you.   In fact, breakroom operators report an average order increase of 14% after implementing Supply Wizards for their OCS customers.

Influence over what’s purchased

In addition to the recommended products feature, the Supply Wizards platform includes dedicated space for promotional ads. VendCentral can work with you to design promotions that move slow sellers, introduce new products, or reward customers for buying more. For clients on select marketing programs, VendCentral can further promote these specials through exclusive website features, social media, or email campaigns.

Online Ordering | Supply Wizards | Customer Convenience | VendCentral

Streamlined operations

Staffing shortages have become a significant pain point for breakroom operators. Keeping up with customer orders across various methods can be time-consuming, create bottlenecks in the system, and cause inaccuracies that lead to dissatisfied OCS customers. Supply Wizards streamlines order management for more efficient back-end operations. Orders can now be processed by your team with little to no manual effort. Breakroom operators using Supply Wizards report significant decreases in operational expenses – enough savings that the Supply Wizards system actually pays for itself.

Better inventory management

One of the biggest challenges for breakroom operators is efficiently managing their inventory. Supply Wizards seamlessly integrates into your existing vending management system. Once items are set as out of stock, they are automatically hidden from the customer’s view on the Supply Wizards ordering platform. They will not reappear on the ordering platform until they are acknowledged as back in your inventory.

An online ordering system can be a powerful addition to your website – loved by your existing customers and impressive to new prospects.  With Supply Wizards, adding online ordering to your website is easy and completed in only a few short weeks.  In the end, the only thing breakroom operators wish is that they had done it sooner.  If you are ready to see the Supply Wizards ordering platform in action, VendCentral can help.  We will arrange a quick demo and show you how we can help launch and promote your new online ordering capabilities. Contact us and our team will help you get started!

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Coolbreakrooms: How Can It Help You?

Written by Christine on January 26, 2022

Christine / January 26, 2022

Coolbreakrooms Authorized Provider

A brand-new Coolbreakrooms has launched for 2022 – just in time for a year that is sure to be filled with new opportunities for the refreshment services industry.  As an extension of VendCentral, Coolbreakrooms offers an online community where operators and manufacturers can thrive.

Coolbreakrooms speaks directly to breakroom decision-makers. It is a platform designed for operators and manufacturers to promote their goods and services directly to HR and facility managers. With its expansion this year, Coolbreakrooms is developing new industry partnerships. How it can help you reach your business goals for 2022?

Promotes the Industry

Coolbreakrooms’ main initiative is to promote breakroom operators and the refreshment services industry as a whole. Its website inspires breakroom upgrades by showcasing how better breakrooms positively impact employees and improve workplace culture.

The website’s Featured Breakrooms page highlights gold-standard breakrooms that deliver modern technology, satisfying food and beverages and a welcoming environment for employees. It provides customers interested in updating their company breakroom with the inspiration they need to get started.

Coolbreakrooms intends to rapidly expand their featured breakrooms gallery with pictures of breakrooms in all sizes.  This is a great opportunity for operators to showcase their work. Operators are invited to submit photos of their premium breakroom installs for inclusion on the site.  Selected operators may receive free marketing exposure through photo credits, in-depth articles, and social media promotions.

Coolbreakrooms Variety

Boosts Business for Operators

Coolbreakrooms is focused on providing more leads to top-notch operators in the refreshment services industry.  It does this by consulting with breakroom customers and matching them with Authorized Providers in their own hometown.  They enhance the service by guiding customers to products and equipment best suited for their workplace environment.

Coolbreakrooms is valuable for larger companies that are interested in breakroom upgrades but have limited time or resources to dedicate to the process.  It’s particularly useful for companies with workplaces in multiple cities, as it provides one turnkey solution for breakroom services across the US and internationally.

To become part of the Coolbreakrooms Authorized Provider network, breakroom operators must satisfy certain quality standards. There is no fee to join.

Coolbreakrooms Branch to box

Drives Sales for Manufacturers

Manufacturers in the refreshment services industry have long found themselves short on channel-specific marketing opportunities. But the Coolbreakrooms website provides a new way to promote products and equipment directly to breakroom customers. Those partnering with Coolbreakrooms can now drive demand for food and beverages, gourmet office coffee, water filtration systems, breakroom technology, and more.

As it grows, Coolbreakrooms will shine a larger spotlight on the best of the best from all business categories.  It will develop key relationships with industry manufacturers and create an impactful way for them to market directly to breakroom customers and influence sales.

The website will promote newness and innovation in a constantly evolving industry and educate customers on the latest breakroom options available.

VendCentral’s goal with Coolbreakrooms is straightforward – to promote breakroom upgrades and support the growth of the refreshment services industry. This year, the new Coolbreakrooms website will generate content geared towards breakroom decision-makers and provide a unique platform for all members of the industry community to participate and benefit. If you are interested in realizing greater demand for your goods and services VendCentral welcomes you to contact them to discuss joining the Coolbreakrooms movement.

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