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Lifesaver changes the
culture of distracted driving.

Cell phone-related distracted driving is #1 cause of vehicle collisions. Sending a quick text every now and then while on the road may seem harmless to some, but distracted driving puts your employees and your business at risk.

LifeSaver is an app that runs silently in the background of your phone and blocks the driver’s ability to use their phone while driving – with the exception of navigation and music apps. As an employer, you can set the guidelines for your drivers and receive notifications when they arrive and if they unlock LifeSaver while driving. You can rest easy knowing your route drivers are being safe on the road.

Important Safety Features

  • Auto detects driving
  • Deploys Instantly from the Cloud
  • App Health Check for Drivers
  • Closed Loop Driver Feedback
  • Fast Locking and Unlocking

  • Low Effort to Manage
  • No Hardware Required
  • Easy on Battery
  • Hours of Operation
  • Allows for Hands-free Calls and Maps