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Coolbreakrooms: How Can It Help You?

Coolbreakrooms: How Can It Help You?

Written by Christine on January 26, 2022

Christine / January 26, 2022

Coolbreakrooms Authorized Provider

A brand-new Coolbreakrooms has launched for 2022 – just in time for a year that is sure to be filled with new opportunities for the refreshment services industry.  As an extension of VendCentral, Coolbreakrooms offers an online community where operators and manufacturers can thrive.

Coolbreakrooms speaks directly to breakroom decision-makers. It is a platform designed for operators and manufacturers to promote their goods and services directly to HR and facility managers. With its expansion this year, Coolbreakrooms is developing new industry partnerships. How it can help you reach your business goals for 2022?

Promotes the Industry

Coolbreakrooms’ main initiative is to promote breakroom operators and the refreshment services industry as a whole. Its website inspires breakroom upgrades by showcasing how better breakrooms positively impact employees and improve workplace culture.

The website’s Featured Breakrooms page highlights gold-standard breakrooms that deliver modern technology, satisfying food and beverages and a welcoming environment for employees. It provides customers interested in updating their company breakroom with the inspiration they need to get started.

Coolbreakrooms intends to rapidly expand their featured breakrooms gallery with pictures of breakrooms in all sizes.  This is a great opportunity for operators to showcase their work. Operators are invited to submit photos of their premium breakroom installs for inclusion on the site.  Selected operators may receive free marketing exposure through photo credits, in-depth articles, and social media promotions.

Coolbreakrooms Variety

Boosts Business for Operators

Coolbreakrooms is focused on providing more leads to top-notch operators in the refreshment services industry.  It does this by consulting with breakroom customers and matching them with Authorized Providers in their own hometown.  They enhance the service by guiding customers to products and equipment best suited for their workplace environment.

Coolbreakrooms is valuable for larger companies that are interested in breakroom upgrades but have limited time or resources to dedicate to the process.  It’s particularly useful for companies with workplaces in multiple cities, as it provides one turnkey solution for breakroom services across the US and internationally.

To become part of the Coolbreakrooms Authorized Provider network, breakroom operators must satisfy certain quality standards. There is no fee to join.

Coolbreakrooms Branch to box

Drives Sales for Manufacturers

Manufacturers in the refreshment services industry have long found themselves short on channel-specific marketing opportunities. But the Coolbreakrooms website provides a new way to promote products and equipment directly to breakroom customers. Those partnering with Coolbreakrooms can now drive demand for food and beverages, gourmet office coffee, water filtration systems, breakroom technology, and more.

As it grows, Coolbreakrooms will shine a larger spotlight on the best of the best from all business categories.  It will develop key relationships with industry manufacturers and create an impactful way for them to market directly to breakroom customers and influence sales.

The website will promote newness and innovation in a constantly evolving industry and educate customers on the latest breakroom options available.

VendCentral’s goal with Coolbreakrooms is straightforward – to promote breakroom upgrades and support the growth of the refreshment services industry. This year, the new Coolbreakrooms website will generate content geared towards breakroom decision-makers and provide a unique platform for all members of the industry community to participate and benefit. If you are interested in realizing greater demand for your goods and services VendCentral welcomes you to contact them to discuss joining the Coolbreakrooms movement.

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