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Use Testimonials to Help Seal the Deal

Use Testimonials to Help Seal the Deal Use Testimonials to Help Seal the Deal

Written by Jen on March 16, 2022

Jen / March 16, 2022

Client testimonials are a mighty way to influence buyers of breakroom services – and operators who incorporate them into their digital marketing strategy are using a proven tactic to drive sales. Here we explore why testimonials work, how to obtain them, and where to incorporate them in your digital marketing strategy.

Why testimonials work

Buyers in every industry use the internet to search for new products and services and the refreshment services industry is no different.  A great company website can impress and inform but client testimonials go one step further in establishing trust and converting leads to customers.  In fact, 85% of buyers find testimonials as valuable as a personal recommendation from a friend or colleague.

Client testimonials can also have a positive impact on SEO. When testimonials are specific, they often contain “search worthy” keywords.  And, if properly promoted, they can boost your website’s ranking in organic search results. Better rankings drive more traffic to your site. Testimonials that include specific recommendations are also a great way to increase the awareness of particular products or services.  This can lead to upgrades with your existing customers too.

Obtaining testimonials

A great testimonial is often the result of great timing, so always keep the idea of collecting a testimonial top of mind.  Guide your customers toward providing the information you seek by asking them questions. Did your customer recently switch to single-cup coffee equipment? Ask them how their employees are enjoying the convenience.  Did they recently upgrade to pantry service? Invite them to tell you about their employees’ positive reaction to free snacks and beverages. Also ask them to share how your company handled communication, logistics, and service issues along the way.

Make it easy – The key to obtaining testimonials is to make it easy for your customers to contribute.  Email long-term customers to ask for a few words on your company’s behalf – and give them a prompt or a few simple questions to answer. If your customers are willing to provide you with a testimonial but are short on time, offer to co-write one with them or prepare one for them. Remember, if you are writing a testimonial on your customer’s behalf, be sure to get their approval before using it.

If you are reaching out to a relatively new customer, a quick call to check in on how things are going might be a better option.  If they respond favorably them, follow up with a request to quote them in an upcoming testimonial.  They will be pleased to know you value their comments.

Consider video – Video testimonials are growing in popularity, so consider getting a few of your own. According to LinkedIn, 79% of consumers say they have watched a video testimonial to learn more about a company, product, or service. Video testimonials don’t have to be rehearsed.  Many buyers love their authenticity. So, if you are on-site installing a new micro-market or hosting a fresh food or coffee tasting, seize the moment!  Speak with your client directly and obtain a video testimonial on the spot.

Regardless of how you obtain your testimonials, tailor them to be as detailed as possible.  In addition to the SEO benefits, buyers find detailed testimonials more unique, relevant, and tangible.

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Marketing testimonials

Once you have obtained a variety of testimonials, it’s time to put them to work!

Showcase them on your website – If your company has acquired a lot of testimonials, it deserves a testimonial page on your website.  But, if you are still gathering them, don’t wait to show them off.  Testimonials are a perfect addition to a company’s home page or about page.  Sprinkling relevant testimonials on pages dedicated to specific breakroom products or services can provide key information right where buyers are seeking it too.

Post on Social Media – A steady stream of positive customer feedback posted on social media has many benefits.  Fresh new content that validates your breakroom services is always a win.  Including backlinks will drive traffic to specific pages on your website that pertain to your client’s testimonial too. Also, don’t forget to tag your clients who provide the testimonial.  Your post will be seen by all of your clients’ connections and your company will gain valuable exposure to prospects who value your client’s opinions.

Share as a Google Review – Ask your customers to post their testimonial (or a portion of it) as a Google Review and offer to show them how.  A positive Google Review will further enhance your company’s credibility and boost its ranking on Google search.

Client testimonials are an important component of your digital marketing strategy and can go a long way in influencing buyers of breakroom services. Unbiased input from customers in similar circumstances can certainly enhance lead generation and validate a buyer’s decision to become a customer. But, don’t underestimate how the process of collecting testimonials can enhance your relationships with existing customers too. The experience shows them you value their honest feedback and care about their input.  The information your clients share can praise what you are doing right, identify employees who are going above and beyond or offer chances for breakroom upgrades.  However, it can also reveal opportunities for improvement. Acting on your clients’ feedback, positive or negative, will help ensure you retain them for years to come.

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