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Embracing Sustainability as a Breakroom Operator

Embracing Sustainability as a Breakroom Operator Embracing Sustainability as a Breakroom Operator

Written by Christine on February 17, 2022

Christine / February 17, 2022

More companies are going green and want to buy their products and services from businesses whose values align with their sustainability efforts. So, it comes as no surprise they will make purchasing decisions based on those criteria. In the refreshment services industry, there are many ways a breakroom operator can create a sustainable environment for customers in the breakroom that encourages well-being for employees and the planet.

In fact, many breakroom operators are already embracing sustainability in support of their vision for a greener breakroom experience. Check it out!



Breakroom operators are also promoting their sustainability efforts through online marketing tools.

🌍 A dedicated webpage to communicate the sustainability initiatives being implemented

🌍 Social media to keep followers informed of sustainable measures being taken

🌍 Blogs to report the positive effects your sustainable efforts are having on the environment


And, some breakroom operators are taking their sustainability efforts to the next level!

Canteen Canada Cafe William

Canteen Canada and their coffee roasting partner, Café William, are rethinking and strengthening their sustainability efforts. Together, they are building the first zero-emission sailing cargo ship to transport coffee beans from South America to its roasting plant in Sherbrooke, Ontario. With this project, they are putting a green foot forward to making a change together.

One Source Refreshment Sustainability

One Source Refreshment installed 554 roof-mounted solar panels on their 24,000 square foot facility in Pottstown, PA. As a result, the panels will produce 236,094 kWh in electricity each year, offsetting nearly 100% of their company’s energy usage. This is enough energy to power 22 homes, offsetting 183.6 tons of CO2 or 387.2 barrels of oil every year.

Vista Vending Magic Works

Magic Works Charitable Trust has been providing food and clothing to the homeless in the Seattle area for 24 years. For the last 6 years, Vista Vending has been there alongside them, donating unsold vending and micro-market food and drinks to them. Vista Vending is proud support a local charitable organization doing so much good for the community.










Going green is here to stay

If you are a breakroom operator, now is the perfect time to embrace sustainability and implement an eco-friendly strategy into your breakroom operations. Why? Because breakroom operators who create a sustainable breakroom environment for their customers will have an edge up on the competition simply because they are offering eco-friendly products, services, and technologies. Plus, companies want to partner with a breakroom operator that will share a common vision for a better, greener breakroom.

Going green is here to stay so make sure your business operations include sustainable products and eco-friendly services – your customers, the community, and our planet will appreciate it.


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