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Why Bother With Digital Marketing?

Written by aaron on December 8, 2017

aaron / December 8, 2017

You have a great vending company, with a great reputation. You get good quality vending, office coffee service and even micro market customers through word of mouth and references. So why do you need online or digital marketing? Because that is where these interactions are happening more and more for facility and human resource managers, online and in social media channels.

Check out these stats! In a 2014 business to business (B2B) study, nearly all the participants reported doing online research when considering partnering with a new business.

  • 77% do a Google search
  • 3% check the business’ website
  • 41% read user reviews
  • Only 12% want to meet in person

The take-away? You need to be marketing your vending company where facility managers and human resource professionals are looking.

Digital marketing is powerful

The high rate of online research, use of reviews, and attitude about in-person meetings versus online purchasing mean that to be considered by the refreshment service decision makers of today, a strong digital marketing effort is needed. Even if your customers are referring you to other people offline, those prospects are researching your vending company on Google and LinkedIn and Facebook and your website. They need to be impressed with what they see, including how you will make their job creating a rewarding employee experience and providing on-site refreshment easier.

Digital marketing has benefits for your sales department as well. With the right search engine marketing and content, your online presence will get qualified leads, not just traffic. These are the facility managers, culture teams, and human resource professionals in your service area that match your ideal customer criteria. You can actively search for them and engage them on social media platforms. Bring them into your sales funnel to start converting them to your customers.

Finally, digital marketing builds long-term bonds with customers. Being seen and well-represented online ensures existing vending, office coffee service, and micro market customers continue to see you as a professional service provider. They can quickly discover your new product and service offerings or contact you in the way most convenient for them. Fostering these relationships turns your customers into brand advocates, who will not mind telling others about your company. They know that when those people go to find you online, they will like the refreshment service offerings and professionalism they see, thanks to digital marketing.


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Want to know when that big Vending, Micro-Market or OCS account is looking at your website? Now you can with ZippyLead!

Written by aaron on November 17, 2017

aaron / November 17, 2017
Turn your anonymous website visitors into qualified sales leads!
VendCentral is excited to announce our latest, new-age lead generation tool

Without any registration forms, ZippyLead identifies who is on your website and what products or services they are interested in. We deliver this information in real-time e-mail alerts that include your prospect’s company name, website address and more, so YOU can do a well-timed cold call and beat your competitors to the punch!

Never miss another potential account and sign-up for our 30-day free trial today!After the free-trial it is only $100 per month.
No contract, no commitments, cancel anytime! It’s that easy.

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Customers Drive Marketing To Be Online & Tech Savvy

Written by aaron on November 3, 2017

aaron / November 3, 2017

Technology has advanced quickly.  In less than a century we’ve gone from rooms dedicated to giant computing devices to the mini mobile computers that fit into a single pocket. This swift transformation of where and how people get information has brought marketing changes as well. Gone are the days where a memorable logo and glossy brochure would garner new business. Now, companies need to be everywhere, in print, but also online with a presence that impresses customers and brings in new business. Companies must constantly update their look and platform to maintain a professional image that matches what human resource and facility managers expect from modern service providers.

This change isn’t because the vending machines, office coffee service, or micro-market services you are offering are no longer valuable, but because where and how your customer is searching for the services has changed. They are looking online. You need to be where they want to find you and exceed their expectations.

It’s not just about a website

A quality website is a must. It used to be that a website had a shelf-life of 3-4 years before it looked dated and old fashioned to the customer. Now, that shelf-life can be closer to 12-18 months. This means by the time you’ve selected the look of your site, created content, approved and loaded it — it might already be too old. Not to mention the challenge of using social media and the right keywords to draw attention to your operation online. Customers are using search engines to find exactly the services they want with specific keywords, social media to determine your reliability as a service provider, and your website as a measure of your professionalism. It’s more essential than ever to work with a marketing team that can keep you relevant, that adapts to the latest search engine parameters, updates design with photo rich layouts, and keeps the content new and fresh across multiple platforms in a timely manner that will benefit your business.

There is more to marketing than just content and design, however. There is also knowing how to use that marketing to monitor who is coming to your site and turning that person into a lead. It’s about not just being relevant to new businesses, but knowing how to reach that new business and build a relationship that will quickly turn into a refreshment services contract. The right online marketing partner will deliver actionable customer interactions to you, that will ultimately grow your business. That’s the power of tech-savvy online marketing.


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Importance of Google My Business listing

Written by aaron on October 11, 2017

aaron / October 11, 2017


One of the best ways to gain exposure online for your vending & micro-market business is being listed on Google’s business directory – Google My Business. It is a free and effective platform to connect with your customers, improve your search engine rankings and eventually get more clients for your business online. From digital agencies to vending companies and wedding planning businesses, all have benefited from being listed on Google My Business, and so can you!

Watch our video below to learn more about what Google My Business listing is and why it is important for business owners to claim it.

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VendCentral: A Company Built On Good Karma

Written by aaron on September 20, 2017

aaron / September 20, 2017

How Karmic Management Influences Our Business

At VendCentral, we believe in Karmic Management. If you’ve never heard of it, Karmic Management is the title of a book, but also a business philosophy based on the idea that good service leads to good karma. While it may sound more spiritual than business-like, it really is a universal concept that extends through our everyday life, from personal interactions to work ethics.

What goes around, comes around

M&M Sales Company, Lafayette LA

At the core of our business philosophy is the idea that everyone prefers to deal with honest and ethical people. We recognize their humility and the good things they do for others. In business too, customers and stakeholders prefer to work with companies who are open and stand for something more than just making money. You can see this in your own business. When you provide excellent service and sell high quality products, you are doing good to others and receive good karma in return. This manifests in repeat customers and growing revenues. If you exceed expectations, you will receive good karma multiplied and attract more positive business associations.

Focused on purpose and people

Another part of our philosophy is having purpose. Live with purpose. Do business with purpose. This will help you be happier in life. Translated to business, this means having a company mission. Ours is to use computer and online marketing skills to help vending operators grow. We look at what we do as more than building websites or creating content. All our vending operator customers have employees. The better the vending operation does, the more secure those employees’ jobs become. If that success can be partially attributed to our services of creating successful online webpages and marketing dedicated to driving up sales for each company, it means we are helping people in communities across the United States. Our service means good Karma.

Charley Nelms, President of Texas vending association & Neil Swindale, at their annual meeting

While you can have both good service and strong purpose, it may not matter without a positive attitude. Outwardly, an optimistic attitude conveys your good intentions and shows the performance of good deeds. Internally, the attitude creates a culture of productivity and creativity, not to mention a great place to work with loyal employees who love their job.

Karmic Management is our goal at VendCentral. We build relationships with vending operators that focus on open and honest communication. We strive for great service, a strong purpose, and positive attitude that will attract good fortune and grow our customers’ businesses. We believe it’s the best way to live, and work.

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The Importance of LinkedIn In Growing Your Breakroom Refreshment Business

Written by aaron on September 7, 2017

aaron / September 7, 2017

LinkedIn is by far the most powerful and arguably the most overlooked platform in the vending and office coffee industry.   It is an important network that allows you to build relationships, establish thought leadership, generate leads and gain insights, thus making it one of the most influential platforms in business to business networking.

Watch our video below for a quick tip on how you can use LinkedIn to grow your vending and office coffee business.

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Investigate And Be Bold To Beat Your Competitors

Written by aaron on August 23, 2017

aaron / August 23, 2017

Remember the proverb “keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” This is even more true online. Search vending or office coffee service with your city and who comes up? These are your competitors. Analyze their websites and social media feeds. Create Google Alerts that notify you when they are mentioned online. Armed with this information, you are better able to create a digital marketing strategy that will keep your SEO ranking above theirs and become the name customers know and trust for workplace refreshment solutions.

Widen your search

While vending and office coffee operators are your main competitors, they aren’t the only ones. Convenience stores, fast or quick serve restaurants, even grocery stores are all vying for the daytime quick-meal business. Check out what contests, promotions, and give-aways they are offering. How active is their social media channel? Can you imitate any of their marketing ideas and benefit from being even more conveniently located in the workplace?

Design a digital marketing plan to rival their efforts and then go beyond. Add more content to your site. Get longtime customers to write you positive reviews on Yelp or that can be displayed on your website. Create YouTube videos and articles that feature you as the knowledge expert on vending, micro markets, and office coffee service in your area. Respond on social media to comments, post news, snap pictures of charitable events, recognize employees, and offer customer incentives.

Keep an eye on your competitors and then beat them at their own game to stay front and center to potential customers.

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Lead The Pack: Online Marketing Is More Than SEO And AdWords

Written by aaron on August 9, 2017

aaron / August 9, 2017

Where do facility managers go when considering a product, service, or company? They go online just like you do.  That is the power of digital marketing, ensuring that customers can find what you’re offering, when they need and want it.

 You need more

Search Engine Optimize (SEO) and Google AdWords are among some of the best digital marketing tools. However, more and more companies are using them, which means to get ahead of your competitors, you need them and a digital marketing strategy that does more. In today’s environment continuously updated content, a strong website, and active social media are musts for digital marketing. They show the customer you are an expert, trustworthy, knowledgeable, credible, reliable, approachable, innovative, and established, as well as present your product and service solutions. Digital marketing also costs a fraction of many traditional marketing methods such as newspaper, television, and radio ads. Plus, it’s usually more targeted with relevant results and ways to measure engagement.  Gain exposure and a great reputation with digital marketing – a key strategy to drive up sales!


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Make Dollars On The Penny: Understanding The Customer Lifetime Value

Written by aaron on August 4, 2017

aaron / August 4, 2017

The customer lifetime value, or CLV, is one of the most important statistics in business. The CLV helps owners determine the revenue attributed to the entire relationship with a customer, present and future. It is a powerful statistic when looking at where to invest resources, especially when comparing the cost of marketing to an existing customer versus acquiring a new customer. Ultimately, it helps owners analyze marketing investments and new service offerings.

While there are many ways to arrive at the CLV, in the vending and micro-market industry, it is easiest to look at the average revenue from a location for a given time period and then multiply that number by the years the location is expected to remain a customer (based on projections or the average customer retention rate). For example, let’s say the account averages $5,000 over 4 weeks. In a year, that is $60,000. If you retain a customer on average for 7 years, that location is worth $420,000 over the lifetime of the customer.

The Role Of Quality Marketing In CLV

A key statistic to compare with the CLV is the cost to acquire a new customer, or CAC. This number can be found by first determining the money spent on advertising to and acquiring new customers, such as those associated with digital marketing, sales people, e-mail marketing, etc., over a given time period. Divide the cost by the number of leads that became customers over that time period. Although the cost per customer is often higher than marketing to existing customers, this doesn’t mean marketing to new customers isn’t worth doing.

The cost of a quality marketing services can pay for itself with just one new location. For example, say a digital marketing service costs $1,000 per month. That’s $12,000 a year and might make a bookkeeper question the expense. However, if the program adds even one new customer, it could more than quadruple sales when you calculate the CLV. Consider the following example:

Digital market campaign to attract customers Cost: $1,000 per month. For 5 years: $60,000

                                          New account

from campaign            Revenue per week    Revenue per year       LVC (keep for 5 years)

Micro market account    $1,000                       $52,000                      $260,000

Office coffee account    $350                          $18,200                      $91,000

Vending account           $500                          $26,000                      $130,000

Total gross LVC sales across all three accounts                              $481,000


That one digital marketing service delivered 8 times its cost in revenue. In the end, most business owners find that by using the CLV, they can invest a little and make a lot.

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Why you need video marketing for your business

Written by aaron on August 1, 2016

aaron / August 1, 2016


vending owner takes a video of their micro marketGreat vending accounts only come along once every three to five years, so it’s important to put your best foot forward when these    potential customers come calling. In the vending and OCS industry, a proven method for standing out amongst the competition is to create video content that demonstrates why your company is the right one for the contract.

Are you familiar with the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, a video is worth nearly two million words. Research suggests that it would take 1.8 million words to equal the immediate impact of one minute of video. Furthermore, studies show that viewers are 64 percent more likely to do business with a company after watching a video about their product. These people also remain on that company’s website for an average of two minutes more than those who do not watch a video.

Not only are videos more engaging to potential customers, but they are also the most effective use of your resources. Why waste your time writing millions of words when you could be creating videos that spotlight your strengths as a forward-looking, 21st century company? Instead, you can use all of that extra time on the things that already make your vending company successful.

When a new product, such as the micro market, is introduced, it’s especially important to use videos to convey the concept. Having prospective customers simply read about a new type of product can be risky, since they might get the wrong ideas in their head. Creating the correct impression is key. With a video about your micro market, you can show customers exactly what you’re offering and let them picture what one would look like installed in their office.

The micro market is the latest innovation in the world of automatic merchandising, offering more convenience and variety than a typical bank of vending machines. Rather than purchasing each item individually, the micro market customer takes any number of items from this miniature self-checkout shop and completes the transaction with a single payment at a designated kiosk. This new format allows for a larger focus on fresh, healthy foods, but everyone’s favorite snacks are usually offered, as well. Micro markets do not employ a clerk, so they’re ideal for secure, closed locations, such as the break room in an office building.

Sounds like an interesting concept, doesn’t it? Just think how appealing it would look in a video.

Check out our 3 sample videos below!


Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 1.44.36 PM         Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 1.44.48 PM         Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 1.44.10 PM


If you’re interested in getting a video made for your break room refreshment business give us a call at 866-699-8363.  

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