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We are a lively mix of marketing experts, dedicated project managers, sales strategists and creative webmasters lead by our visionary, Neil Swindale. We offer years of unparalleled knowledge and experience specifically in the vending industry.

VendCentral: A Company Built On Good Karma

How Karmic Management Influences Our Business


Meet the VendCentral Team

  • Neil Swindale

    A 20 year vending industry veteran, founder & owner of VendCentral. A lateral thinker with a wealth of vending industry experience, Neil is very hands-on and loves to engage with his clients. Any excuse for him to display that famous Kiwi charm!

  • Tara Giordano
    Senior Project Manager

    Tara is very focused and makes sure that projects run smoothly, on time and free from complications which is no mean task! She is the one that will answer client requests, sometimes pester them for approvals and won't rest until the job is done. Every team needs a 'Tara'!

  • Elisabeth Wrede
    Social Media Manager

    Elisabeth brings a diverse background to her role. Always concerned with the user, you’ll find her writing, editing, researching, or managing content. Her down time is spent reading a good book, kayaking, hiking with her dog, and enjoying a great meal with friends.

  • Jen McSherry
    Project Manager

    Jen loves developing marketing recipes “from scratch” to entice the right customers. She has collaborated with large and small companies for over 25 years. Jen is happiest travelling with her husband and 3 kids or finding her next DIY project.

  • Haley Gentile
    Social Media Coordinator

    Haley balances her time between the digital and print worlds. When she’s not managing all things social media related, she’s developing print marketing materials. Her down time is spent seeking adventure - from traveling around the world to jumping out of planes. Oh, and be nice to her; she’s Neil’s daughter.

  • Josh Merryman
    Marketing Assistant

    Fascinated with the technical aspects of marketing, Josh works to optimize content for the web and modify information, so it is accessible by all. In his free time, he designs and develops websites and enjoys learning new ways to make engaging web and print media content.

  • Alec Heroux
    Marketing Assistant

    A highly motivated self-starter, Alec oversees print design projects and works with VendCentral’s internal CRM and mobile vending apps. When he’s not working, you can find him on a basketball court, a golf course, or watching one of his favorite movies.

  • Cindy Sherman
    Office Manager

    Cindy has been working with VendCentral for 9 years. She has been happily married for 26 years, has 3 children and her favorite thing is spending time with family. In her off time she enjoys working with teens through her church, being outdoors, walking her dog and indulging in ice cream with caramel on top!

  • Aaron Bode
    Lead Web Designer

    Aaron has always had a knack for technology and the creative world. He began by developing Harry Potter fan fiction message boards at the age of 10. Aaron is an autodidact, and when he is not developing web experiences he is immersed in his local art scene or enjoying a Maui Brewing Co root beer.

  • Teddy Georgescu
    Web Designer

    Focused on innovative graphic designs and visual effects, Teddy specializes in creating positive user experiences via website design and development. When he’s not in front of his computer, Teddy enjoys spending time with his son, hiking in the woods, and fishing.

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