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VendCentral: A Company Built On Good Karma

How Karmic Management Influences Our Business

At VendCentral, we believe in Karmic Management. If you’ve never heard of it, Karmic Management is the title of a book, but also a business philosophy based on the idea that good service leads to good karma. While it may sound more spiritual than business-like, it really is a universal concept that extends through our everyday life, from personal interactions to work ethics.

What goes around, comes around

At the core of our business philosophy is the idea that everyone prefers to deal with honest and ethical people. We recognize their humility and the good things they do for others. In business too, customers and stakeholders prefer to work with companies who are open and stand for something more than just making money. You can see this in your own business. When you provide excellent service and sell high quality products, you are doing good to others and receive good karma in return. This manifests in repeat customers and growing revenues. If you exceed expectations, you will receive good karma multiplied and attract more positive business associations.

Focused on purpose and people

Another part of our philosophy is having purpose. Live with purpose. Do business with purpose. This will help you be happier in life. Translated to business, this means having a company mission. Ours is to use computer and online marketing skills to help vending operators grow. We look at what we do as more than building websites or creating content. All our vending operator customers have employees. The better the vending operation does, the more secure those employees’ jobs become. If that success can be partially attributed to our services of creating successful online webpages and marketing dedicated to driving up sales for each company, it means we are helping people in communities across the United States. Our service means good Karma.

While you can have both good service and strong purpose, it may not matter without a positive attitude. Outwardly, an optimistic attitude conveys your good intentions and shows the performance of good deeds. Internally, the attitude creates a culture of productivity and creativity, not to mention a great place to work with loyal employees who love their job.

Karmic Management is our goal at VendCentral. We build relationships with vending operators that focus on open and honest communication. We strive for great service, a strong purpose, and positive attitude that will attract good fortune and grow our customers’ businesses. We believe it’s the best way to live, and work.

Meet the VendCentral Team

We are a lively mix of marketing experts, dedicated project managers, sales strategists and creative webmasters lead by our visionary, Neil Swindale. We offer years of unparalleled knowledge and experience specifically in the vending industry.
  • Neil Swindale

    A 20 year vending industry veteran, founder & owner of VendCentral. A lateral thinker with a wealth of vending industry experience, Neil is very hands-on and loves to engage with his clients. Any excuse for him to display that famous Kiwi charm!

  • Tara Giordano
    Project Manager

    Tara is very focused and makes sure that projects run smoothly, on time and free from complications which is no mean task! She is the one that will answer client requests, sometimes pester them for approvals and won't rest until the job is done. Every team needs a 'Tara'!

  • Sabrina Gimbert
    Social Media Manager

    An extroverted, introvert with a wide ranging career, Sabrina specialises in campaign marketing and project management. Down time is spent relaxing with friends over a glass of wine, reading a good book or bing-watching the latest Netflix/HBO series.

  • Tuya Requena
    Marketing Manager

    Tuya has a very diverse working background and can tell a taxi driver he is 'crazy' in 4 different languages. Tuya wants to live in a world where books come bundled
    with extra dark chocolate, and keyboards repel cats and sticky-fingered toddlers!

  • Cindy Sherman
    Office Manager

    Cindy has been working with VendCentral for 9 years. She has been happily married for 26 years, has 3 children and her favorite thing is spending time with family. In her off time she enjoys working with teens through her church, being outdoors, walking her dog and indulging in ice cream with caramel on top!

  • Aaron Bode
    Lead Web Designer

    It all began at the age of 12 with a trial version of Adobe Photoshop in a Harry Potter-esque "the wand chooses the wizard" moment. When he isn't globetrotting or on a 3-day root beer bender, Aaron can be found in Saint Paul, Minnesota redeveloping websites just for the fun of it during a lazy afternoon.

  • Chris Stiles
    Web Designer

    Chris has been working with VendCentral since 2008. In his own words, "I get the Internet." With over 15 years of web design experience, that is an understatement. Chris brings a unique perspective and skills to the team and loves to create engaging Internet experiences that drives traffic, and delight users.

  • Dieter Fourie
    Web Designer

    Dieter has over 20 years international experience in web design and development. A sci-fi nut, he loves nothing better than a beautifully designed website that meets his client's needs. Wellington - craft brew and coffee capital of New Zealand - is home where he runs his boutique design business.

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