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1993 New Zealand Men's Basketball Team

1993 New Zealand Men's Basketball Team

Meet our founder: Neil Swindale

Neil had a successful 12 year career as a professional basketball player in New Zealand before moving to the United States in the 1980’s. While exploring new business opportunities, he became immediately intrigued by the refreshment industry. Why? It was filled with dynamic individuals who had chosen to break away from the status quo to work for themselves. He fell in love with their entrepreneurial spirits-and knew that he wanted to get in the game.

Neil worked at Coca-Cola, PepsiCo., and Nestlé Waters, before owning and operating his own full service refreshment company. Realizing his passion for connecting with and helping others led him to start VendCentral. VendCentral has become a valuable source of marketing expertise and guidance for the refreshment industry. In fact, approximately 25% of the biggest regional vending companies in the nation rely 100% on VendCentral for their digital marketing needs.

Neil’s many years in professional sports has made him a huge believer in the team mentality. He has developed a dynamic team at VendCentral, dedicated to achieving incredible sales growth for their clients.

VendCentral: A Company Built On Good Karma

Karmic Management is our goal at VendCentral. We build relationships that focus on open and honest communication. We strive for great service, strong purpose, and a positive attitude that will attract good fortune and grow our customers’ businesses. We believe it’s the best way to live, and work.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

We build collaborative relationships with our clients - and at the core of those relationships is open, friendly communication. Our “virtual door” is always open!
  • Neil Swindale
    Founder & CEO

    Neil is a 20 year veteran of the refreshment industry and an enthusiastic supporter of the providers, manufacturers, and technologies that make it special and unique. He has a wealth of industry experience and loves to engage with his clients and play a hands-on role in their success. Neil is filled with positive enthusiasm, energy, and that famous Kiwi charm!

  • Tara Giordano
    Director of Operations

    Tara oversees our operations and ensures projects run smoothly and on time. She is the main point of contact with our clients and she doesn’t rest until the job is completed beyond expectations. Tara has been with VendCentral since the very beginning and is the glue that holds our team together!

  • Jen McSherry
    Director of Marketing & Business Development

    Jen makes sure our clients reach their goals through VendCentral’s services. She is a great partner and guide for companies that are developing their branding and marketing content strategies. Jen has 25 years of marketing and relationship building experience across multiple industries.


  • Aaron Bode
    Senior Web Developer

    Aaron has always had a knack for technology and the creative world. He began by developing Harry Potter fan fiction message boards at the age of 10. Aaron is an autodidact, and when he is not developing web experiences he is immersed in his local art scene or enjoying a Maui Brewing Co root beer.

  • Elisabeth Wrede
    Social Media Manager

    Elisabeth brings a diverse background to her role. Always concerned with the user, you’ll find her writing, editing, researching, or managing content. Her down time is spent reading a good book, kayaking, hiking with her dog, and enjoying a great meal with friends.

  • Cindy Sherman
    Office Manager

    Cindy has been with VendCentral since the early days and is always available to help our clients. She has been happily married for 26 years, has 3 children and her favorite thing is spending time with family. In her off time she enjoys working with teens through her church, being outdoors, walking her dog, and indulging in ice cream with caramel on top!


VendCentral is rooted in and passionate about the refreshment industry.

We develop and grow your business through marketing strategies that work, so that you can focus on your customers.