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Customer Journey

Understanding your customer's journey means you know what is important to them at each stage of the buying process - from attracting customers to your business right through to delighting them, so they stay on for years.
  • Attract
  • Inform
  • Close
  • Retain
  • Delight


Be where your customers are looking

You know who your customers are and the great news is that they are in the market for what you sell. But (and it is a big one) do your potential customer know YOU?

Ask yourself the following questions:

• If they run a Google search, will they find you and more importantly will you show up on the first page?
• Have you written some great blog articles that make you stand out from the crowd?
• Do you have a strong social media presence that guarantees that you are the name on everyone’s lips?


Don’t worry, we can fix all of this for you and more, our team of cutting edge digital specialists will soon put you firmly on the Google map!

Step Two: INFORM

Give your customers what they are looking for

Did you know?

• That 94% of B2B buyers conduct some form of online research before purchasing a business product?
• That 55% of B2B buyers conduct online research for at least half of their corporate purchases?
• That the most popular source for product research and price comparison is supplier websites?

Did you also know that procurement officers have stated that there is a significant gap between the information that they want to see and the content that is currently provided? VendCentral understand this more than most and can design you a website that makes sure that when it comes to being considered – you are at the very front of the line.

Step Three: CLOSE

Seal the deal

Getting a customer to the purchase stage is all about making it as easy as possible for them to do business with you. This all comes down to how well they are able to understand what you offer and at what cost. They need to clearly understand their options.

What it really comes down to though is this – are you the kind of company that they want to do business with? We can make sure you are by putting together content that maximises on your strengths and personality. This includes both on your website as well as any materials that you may want to send out to help close the deal. For example a well-designed brochure can add that extra professional edge, making a real-world connection – something that is not lost on VendCentral.

Step Four: RETAIN

Keep your customers for longer

It is a well-known fact that it costs far less to sell to an existing customer than it does to convert a new one. Whilst others may purely focus on acquisition, VendCentral is different...

We want you to be successful in all aspects of your business and that includes providing you with the tools and techniques to build an upsell/cross-sell program that delivers; all tailored to your specific requirements.

Step Five: DELIGHT

Keep your customers talking about you

Ultimately, the end goal is to develop strong customer relationships that have your customers continually singing your praises to others – brand evangelists as they are known in the trade!

To reach this state of ‘nirvana’, you need to consider the needs and interests of your customers throughout the entire customer life-cycle which is not as easy as it sounds. With our knowledge and experience, VendCentral can develop a program tailored to your individual circumstances. A program that continuously delivers valuable content that secures profitable, long-term customers and creates influential brand advocates.