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As business leaders, you are each accustomed to working through unforeseen challenges. However, nothing could prepare us for the Coronavirus outbreak and its impact on our nation and our industry. During this time, VendCentral continues to be a valuable resource and business tool. Since our inception, we have been powered by a talented team of marketing strategists, skilled writers, and web designers based remotely and working from home. We are 100% operational and here to support you through this crisis.

Our business landscape is constantly evolving with the spread of COVID-19. In addition to our standard services, we are providing expanded support with the following:

  • Urgent Communications

    Real time communication with your customers, including increased ad-hoc announcements, social media posts, and press releases.

  • Frequent, timely Web Updates

    Daily web updates with important information your customers need to know, including changes in operational hours, delivery schedules, and service offerings.

  • Online Order Forms

    Convenient mobile order forms for your customers to access on line, including updates as availability changes.

  • Business Counseling

    Complimentary sessions for additional short-term and long-term strategic planning and content development.

  • Future Preparedness

    As always, we will continue to stay on course, completing ongoing projects to support your long term business goals.

We are ready with additional resources to help you rebuild in the days to come. And they will surely come. We hold tight in the knowledge that we support a strong, resilient group of clients that represent the best and brightest of our industry. If you have any questions or additional needs during this time, do not hesitate to reach out. We are here for you. Stay safe, stay strong, and stay optimistic.

Please reach out to Neil directly to discuss a strategy at neil@vendcentral.com.

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