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We offer the very best digital marketing services
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Our experienced and dedicated team is committed to improving your business
with effective marketing solutions.

Monthly Marketing Programs

Our monthly marketing programs are the best way to provide your business with premium marketing service and support on an ongoing basis. Our team will design a compelling website to showcase your business, promote your services through engaging social media posts, and establish you as an industry leader through informative blog articles. You’ll maintain frequent and effective communication with your audience and capture leads with quality content that enhances your SEO and secures top search rankings.
  • CORE
    Marketing Program

    • The CORE Program includes full and ongoing access to our highly-trained marketing team and digital marketing solutions including:
    • Professional Web Design
    • Web Hosting
    • Web Page Enhancements
    • Up to 20 Service Area Pages
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media Posts & Blogs promoting your industry knowledge and expertise
    • Visibility to who is using your website with the ZippyLead IP Tracker
    Marketing Program

    • Our CUSTOMIZED Program includes the dedicated services of a VendCentral Marketing Project Manager working on your behalf. Marketing content is tailored each week to your specific needs using content you provide.
    • All CORE offerings are included in this program, plus the following services and upgrades:
    • Dedicated Project Marketing Manager
    • Custom Web Pages
    • Additional Service Area Pages
    • 1 Personalized Blog per month
    • 1 Personalized Social Media Post per week
      (across all platforms)
    • Custom Press Releases
    • Monthly Promotional Planning
    • Dedicated services for 5 hours a week
      (20 hours a month)
      Extra hours available
    Marketing Program

    • Our COMPLETE Program provides a VendCentral Marketing Project Manager locally and ON-SITE. It is a completely customized approach to your marketing strategy and like having your own
      “in-house” marketing consultant.
    • All CORE offerings are included in this program, plus the following services and upgrades:
    • A dedicated, locally-based, Marketing Project Manager available on-site
    • Custom Website & Web Updates
    • Unlimited Service Area Pages
    • 2 Personalized Blogs per month
    • Unlimited Personalized Social Media Posts
    • LinkedIn Strategy Development
    • Unlimited Press Releases
    • Marketing and Promotional Plan Development
    • Participation at Installs, Events, and Client Meetings
    • Professional Print Design
    • Photography Services
    • Trade Show Support
    • Grassroots Marketing Support
    • Dedicated services for 15 hours a week
      (60 hours a month)
      Extra hours available

Individual Services

Have a specific job in mind? We’ve got you covered with a full range of a la carte services.

  • Website

    • Monthly HTML Website Hosting: $35
    • Monthly WordPress Hosting: $100
    • Online Order Form Monthly Hosting: $25
    • Monthly ZippyLead Service: $100
    • Monthly WordPress Blog Hosting: $75
    • Domain Migration: $100 Fee
    • Site Archive Fee: $75
  • Website

    • Static Website Design: $5000
    • Upgrade SEO Package: $1000
    • Shopify platform development & integration: $1200-1500
    • Online Order Form: $499
    • Web Page Design: $350
    • Design WordPress Custom Blog: $200-$250

    • Set Up Fee: $1000 - includes mobile app design and 100 free stickers
    • Additional Sticker Prints: 50 cents each (volume discounts available)
    • Sticker Re-design: $75, plus $35 print fee
    • Monthly service fee applies. Call for a custom pricing quote.
  • Print

    • Brochure Design: $250-350
    • Presentation Folder Design: $185
    • Individual Sell Sheets: $150-200/page
    • *print fees additional

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